Posted by: themeanderingpathtoself | April 6, 2010

How did I get here?


I’m glad to be here… here in this little blog. This tangible space for escapee brainwaves. Why am I here? Good question… let’s not forget to take into account those brainwaves: they certainly need a place to live. Also: I’m finding that the deeper I delve into the career path I’ve chosen, the more people tend to overlook that little line distinguishing who I am from what I do. So! In the spirit of keeping that pesky career path out of mind, if not but for a few minutes, we’ll talk. Why the “meanderingpathtoself”, then? Well friends: I am young, I live in Manhattan, I am quite poor, and like most of the rest of the world… I’m trying to find my way home…to me. I love people, I love cooking (even with my recently diagnosed gluten allergy- which is apparently oh-so hip these days…), I love music and I try to love the whole world… all of it. At the top of my “this effin’ owns” list (as a dear friend of mine so eloquently named it) are: Hermann Hesse, sweet potatoes, bengal cats, Journey, sleeping, Costco and Anna Moffo. What a perfect little bunch of things, no? On that happy note I’ll depart… back to the other me.



p.s. I’m trying out a few new gluten-free recipes this weekend. I’ll post the winners and scorn the losers!


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